Arizona, Mexico, and West

I lived in Arizona for four years. For someone from the urban East, I found the landscape exotic and mesmerizing. The weather is, in a word, sensational (if you love the heat, as I do). This place is all about sky, shape, light, perspective, and color. A painter’s dream. During my time there, it was easy to visit our neighbor, Mexico, where I had friends, colleagues, and family. Several of my Restaurant and Bar paintings are from Mexico.

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Dia de los Muertos, Tucson

The Dia de los Muertos parade in Tucson is a phenomenal experience of thousands made up as skeletons, walking in celebration of the dead. I walked in it when I lived there. Some of the floats and smaller tributes, whether to lost public figures or private family members, are intensely evocative and moving. This was one of them. 9x9 $375 unframed passe-partout $475 framed